Love your neighbor as yourself – painting by number stretched 30*40

Love your neighbor as yourself – painting by number stretched 30*40


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DIY judaica painting by number – be your own artist.
Canvas stretched on wooden frame 40*50

Level: Beginner
Color: 24

20 in stock


Loving your neighbor as yourself is a commandment made from the Torah, and according to the Tanna Rabbi Akiva, it is also a basic concept in the Torah.

The meaning of this mitzvah is that a person should love to be good to another, like him. When the main meaning of this is: what is hated about you – do not do to your friend. From this rule derive many ways of behaving, because of which Rabbi Akiva referred to it as a central and important rule in the Torah.

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Non stretched canvas 40×50, Stretched canvas 50×40

How to start painting?

– Cover the table with plastic wrap so that it does not get dirty. Prepare a glass with water for brushing

– Color the numbered areas with the appropriate color according to their number.

  Do not dilute the paint with water

– You should start with large areas and gradually go to small ones because they are more difficult to paint

– Fill in the areas of the same color. Try to go from top to bottom

– Once you have finished creating, you can add details to make it more captivating and creative

– Varnish your painting for a more beautiful effect.

– Admire your work and feel free to send us a picture of the piece you’ve created!

The advantages of paint by numbers

Release your creative spirit and relax, thanks to our paint by number kits.

Paint by numbers is a simple method to introduce or perfect the painting. It’s easy, fun and the results are amazing!

A mix of patience and technique that will allow you to recognize your ability to create superb paintings.

A creative relaxing activity for all occasions, and it is accessible to everyone:

. A DIY wall decoration – Paint your own wall decoration, even if you are deprived of any artistic sense.

. A therapeutic moment of relaxation – Let your imagination take you away from the stress of your daily life.

.An excellent gift idea –  These kits can be for any occasion! Also for holidays, a birthday, Mothers/Father’s day, Bar/Bat mitzvahs …

.A group activity – Pass an evening of relaxation and conviviality between friends, colleagues and family …



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