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Painting by numbers

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    Paint your pictures easily. How it works?


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    Printing on plexiglass or canva


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    Who are we

    ‘My Jewish Art’.. started as a dream and became a reality. We dreamed of the idea that Jewish art could also be painted by its fans. We therefore contacted painters and graphic artists who in return also adored the idea of creating a painting accessible to all. Thanks to DIY (Do it yourself) paint by numbers you can gain experience and self-confidence by following the numbered patterns drawn on the canvas. These numbers will tell you the colors to put in each box. Never be afraid of making mistakes again, just follow the guide and lead yourself into creating!

    The paintings are of rabbanims, dancing chasidim, tanach verses, and the landscape of Israel’s holy cities.

    There is something for everyone, no matter how old you are. Wherever you are you can now get hold of a beautiful quality judaica paint by numbers at a very affordable cost.

    The advantages of paint by numbers

    Enables art therapy for children and adults alike. A therapeutic ability allowing concentration and can lower daily stress.

    Paintings by famous artists at your fingertips.

    An extraordinary gift.

    Develop the creativity within you. Paint by numbers, allows for the perfect opportunity to focus on yourself.