Jerusalem of light – painting by number stretched 40*50

Jerusalem of light – painting by number stretched 40*50


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Bring the stunning beauty of Jerusalem’s Old City into your home with this DIY paint by numbers stencil on canvas featuring David’s Citadel Tower. With high-quality acrylic paints and six brushes in three different sizes, you can create your own unique masterpiece to hang in any room of your home. The environmentally friendly materials makethis kit an excellent choice for eco-conscious artists, and it also includes hanging triangles to make it easy to display your artwork. Don’t forget the special varnish that will keep your painting of David’s Citadel looking bright and vivid for years to come.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced artist, this DIY Painting kit is perfect for anyone looking for a fun and rewarding project. With easy-to-follow instructions and all the materials you need, you’ll be on your way to creating a beautiful and meaningful work of art in no time. Order your kit today and let your creativity soar!

The original painting that this wonderful kit presents is by Israeli artist Tamar Zeitlin. Her colorful and inspiring works highlight her unique journey and her passion for life, love and nature. Zeitlin also has a focus on Jewish art, in which she found her passion for painting.

DIY judaica painting by number – be your own artist.
Canvas stretched on wooden frame 40*50

Level: Professional
Color: 18


18 in stock


Jerusalem is a home for all peoples and religions, it sends a light of holiness and love to all, Jerusalem has not always been in the light, for many years it has been in the dark. The painting “Jerusalem of light” will direct a light of love and peace on you

Create a breathtaking masterpiece with this DIY paint by numbers stencil on canvas featuring David’s Citadel Tower in Jerusalem’s Old City:

  • Featuring high-quality, environmentally friendly materials, this kit includes a paint-by-number canvas that will look like a striking view of David’s Citadel when you are done painting it!
  • A wonderful display of creativity and a great addition to your home decor, you’ll cherish your unique creation for years to come.
  • Will make a great gift for any special occasion, as well as a fun family activity!

Additional information

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Choose your kit :

Non stretched canvas 40×50, Stretched canvas 50×40

How to start painting?

– Cover the table with plastic wrap so that it does not get dirty. Prepare a glass with water for brushing

– Color the numbered areas with the appropriate color according to their number.

  Do not dilute the paint with water

– You should start with large areas and gradually go to small ones because they are more difficult to paint

– Fill in the areas of the same color. Try to go from top to bottom

– Once you have finished creating, you can add details to make it more captivating and creative

– Varnish your painting for a more beautiful effect.

– Admire your work and feel free to send us a picture of the piece you’ve created!

The advantages of paint by numbers

Release your creative spirit and relax, thanks to our paint by number kits.

Paint by numbers is a simple method to introduce or perfect the painting. It’s easy, fun and the results are amazing!

A mix of patience and technique that will allow you to recognize your ability to create superb paintings.

A creative relaxing activity for all occasions, and it is accessible to everyone:

. A DIY wall decoration – Paint your own wall decoration, even if you are deprived of any artistic sense.

. A therapeutic moment of relaxation – Let your imagination take you away from the stress of your daily life.

.An excellent gift idea –  These kits can be for any occasion! Also for holidays, a birthday, Mothers/Father’s day, Bar/Bat mitzvahs …

.A group activity – Pass an evening of relaxation and conviviality between friends, colleagues and family …


About the artist

Biography – Tamar Zeitlin, an Israeli painter and artist, was born in 1985 in Jerusalem, and is the tenth generation in the Land of Israel, to the Segal family from Safed.

She spent her childhood between the old neighborhoods of Jerusalem and the alleys of the Old City in Safed, where her grandparents and many members of her family lived. There, among the alleys of Safed, she absorbed the inspiration for art and the emotional charge that emanates from her works.

Tamar began professional painting studies from a very young age and already at the age of 16 she opened a framework for girls’ painting studies in Jerusalem, in which she taught professional courses.

Tamar continued to study realistic illustration studies and various techniques with the artist Ora Nissim.

With the advancement of the world of technological creation, Tamar began to break through in digital art and invent techniques for digital painting in her own unique style.

Her works adorn private homes, offices and hotels in the Land of Israel and around the world and are displayed in exhibitions.

Tamar has signed many books accompanied by her amazing illustrations and a variety of works of art in various styles.


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