During the Hanukkah holidays, enjoy a moment of relaxation and sharing with your family: painting by numbers. It’s an opportunity to gather all your loved ones around a creative and entertaining hobby.  My Jewish Art offers you the opportunity to paint a picture easily and in a short time. This activity is ideal for younger children, as it allows them to learn about color, the application of different shades and the control of the gesture with precision. It can also stimulate concentration and promote a positive atmosphere between parents and children. Check out My Jewish Art’s paint-by-number themes.


The My Jewish Art website presents a wide variety of paint-by-numbers for children from 8 years old. The paintings are presented according to their level of difficulty, based on the size of the boxes to be colored. The more detailed the painting, the longer the time and application required to paint. Children will enjoy the themes offered: Jerusalem, Noah’s Ark, the Hebrew alphabet…


Do you dream of painting a portrait of a famous rabbi and hanging it in your living room? It is perfectly possible with My Jewish Art canvases. You just have to paint the paintings by numbers proposed on the site to obtain a magnificent portrait. Discover our paintings inspired by the greatest tzaddikim: Rabbi of Loubavitch, Baba Salé zal, Rabbi Aharon of Belz, Rav Kaniewsky and many others.


A view of the Kotel at night, the house of the Tzadik Rabbi Nahman, the Old City of Jerusalem… So many themes to be found on the My Jewish Art website, ideal to give a personal touch to your decoration, to add spirituality to your home.

Discover painting by number, a fun and relaxing activity that can be done as a family and shared between adults and children. Paint the colors indicated on the painting to obtain a painting worthy of a great artist.
With My Jewish Art’s paint-by-numbers, brighten up your family’s Hanukkah time and make the feeling last all year long! Check out our paint-by-numbers at My Jewish Art today!